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Welcome to the Passenger Car Photo Index, the best resource on the web for finding North American railroad passenger car photos!!! 

1/31/2017.  Back in October 2016 I announced on this page that the Pennsylvania RR Collection images that were hosted by the Hagley Digital Archives were gone but I am pleased to announce that the PRR links are up once again and have been restored to the Pennsylvania RR pages.  The restored links are now in "RED" in hopes of making these links stand out  Hagley had changed servers which resulted in the old links no longer working but they have now been fully restored.  Some additional links have been found but they will not be added to these listings until I update the Index sometime in early Summer but at least the extensive collection of images are once again accessible, for which I am well pleased.  Some images are quite small but clicking on most of them open up a large image, just use your "last page" button to return to the page with all of the information. 

1/14/17.  It has been announced by circus train owner Feld Entertainment that the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus will close in May 2017 after over a century of operation.  While it is not clear at this point what will happen with the many cars that the circus has operated at the least we are fortunate enough to have many images that have been gathered on the internet for all of us to use and enjoy.  Fairwell RBBX... may you be remembered forever!!! 

Because of my own interests in passenger trains and their equipment I began compiling this Index one section at a time, initially covering only certain types of passenger equipment that I have found to be of interest with more being added as time went along.  Since its beginning in January 2003, this site has grown to a massive listing covering passenger train equipment from all over North America, providing railfans and modelers accurate documentation of what cars looked like and how many were painted and lettered.  And it is a labor of love (at times more labor than love, honestly) because all of the searching is done by me, as I have time and a way to do it.  And, something else to consider, the photos that have been found on the internet are some of the only documentation left for a large number of the cars covered here in... many are gone, never to be seen again.  To say the least, I am indebted to all of those who have been willing to share their images on the web, for if it weren't for them many of these cars would have simply disappear completely into history without a trace. 

This edition of the Index is rather unique in that for once over 80% of Amtrak's Heritage cars are now represented and a very large increase in new equipment is also now available and it is because of the contributions of two railfans who put forth the effort to document Amtrak's wide and varried equipment roster.  Both have posted rather large albums on Flickr that have greatly increased the number of cars now covered as far as Amtrak is concerned, making it the road with the greatest increase in links and in pages this Update.  Had it not been for these two individuals this Update of the Index would have been rather small in comparison to past Updates largely because of a decline in the number of passenger car photos being posted to the web, a dramatic change compared to what has been done in the past several years.  For some roads the decline is greatly noticeable while some roads still have seen a great many links added but because of Mr. Melvin Bernero and Mr. Alan Tucker the Amtrak coverage has taken a huge leap forward and I hope that you will appreciate what these two individuals have done in this regard.  Both took a great amount of time and effort to photograph Amtrak equipment and an even larger amoung of time in preparing such images so that they could be shared on the web, and Mr. Bernero has also posted a significant number of new Canadian National cars as well, greatly increasing that coverage.  Do, please, take time when possible to send a message of thanks, not just to Mr. Bernero and Mr. Tucker, but to all of the contributos who have so willingly shared their images with the railfan and modeling communities and let them know how much you appreciate their willingness to "share the wealth".  Each and every one of them wanted to contibute to the betterment of the railfan and modeling communities but many go without knowing just how greatly appreciated their contributions really are.  I do this quite often with some getting "Thanks" from me on a regular basis but others adding their thanksgiving to this will help them to appreciate just how great their contibutions really are.  Do, please, share your thanks... I know that they will appreciate reading each and every one of the comments!!!

As has been the case with every Update broken links are likely to occur.   Sometimes it is simply an error on my part that can be quickly fixed, but, unfortunately, at times this is something that can never be avoided since so much changes for the many folks who do have websites.  A number of folks have helped to keep me straight on my errors as well as letting me know about broken links, far to many to name, but I do appreciate any help on this!!!  I cannot promise you that all links will remain working since I have no control over this.  I will say, though, that if a link isn't working I will see about it (and if possible, report it to the owner of the site) and if necessary, remove it from future updates.  To contact me my email address is jmlaboda[at]passcarphotos.info. 

I would also be remiss if I did not mention my partners, both past and present, who have help me to provide this valuable website, without whom none of this would be possible... 

Host to a large number of really great websites, and that typically at little to no cost to webmasters, I can honestly say that it has been a priviledge to have had my Passenger Car Photo Index hosted by Trainweb.org.  If you are looking for a host for a railroad-related website and want to learn more about this valuable service click the logo to the left for information... and join in the fun!!!

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In these changing times there has been lot that has affected railfans' ability to document on film and in written records the continuing chronicles of today's railroads. Since the tragedy of the 9/11 the rights of individuals to take photographs in public places have come under attack, and this has become especially true of those who take pictures of trains. Attorney Bert P. Krages II has compiled information on what should and shouldn't be done when taking photographs in public... to visit his site just click the icon to the left.  Additionally the American Civil Liberties Union has some great information on their website that helps define the law even more.  To visit just Click Here.

Recommended Sites:

Looking to learn more about passenger cars?  The Passenger Car List at Yahoo! Groups is the best place to find information on all North American passenger equipment.  Founded by Tom Madden, whose website, The Pullman Project, contains extensive information and historical documentation on Pullman cars and their history, this list is the place to find information on all aspects of passenger train equipment. 

Interested in dome cars?  The Web Lurker's DOME.main site is the most inclusive site of any on the web involving the creation and use of these cars.  Because of the extensive collection of images on this site I have not made an effort to include the many shots as a part of these listings but it is a site that I highly recommend. 

Also I highly recommend to anyone who want to learn more about the cars and locomotives that Amtrak has used since its inception to visit Jim Hebner's Amtrak Photo Archives.  His site features an extensive collection of photographs covering of most Amtrak locomotives as well as a large collection of photos of various passenger cars, express cars, Roadrailers, and even a couple of "Amtrak" buses, making it the best place on the web to view Amtrak rolling stock.  Just click the Amtrak car below to go to his site...

Gone but not forgotten...  Colorado Railcar (and Rader Railcar before it) during its existance created some of the most interesting and unique passenger cars for both the tourist industry as well as for transit authorities.  Jody Moore's Ultradomes
website covers the wide variety of cars created by the company. 

Return of the Ultradomes?

Back in March of this year it was announced that Canadian railtours operator Rocky Mountaineer had awarded a contract to Stadler for 10 bi-level glass topped cars that are to be delivered in 2018.  While no artwork or specifications have been announced in the article posted to a variety of sources shows what appears to be the interior of a Colorado Railcar Ultradome, which may be what the cars they will be building will be based on.  To find articles on this order and read more about this click here. 

Some important changes were recently made at Flickr.com that affects how a person views images and I felt it is important enough of a change to mention it here.  In the past clicking on an image or right clicking on an image provided for larger sizes to be chosen, and, as it is with the vast majority of shots linked to from this website, a considerably larger image could be seen.  Now left clicking on the download icon (shown at left) in the lower right corner of the screen will bring up the available sizes for all images, all one has to do now is to choose the size and it will load.  I hope that this info will help in viewing images at Flickr.

When viewing images that are hosted by various Universities and Libraries keep in mind that with most you can click on the icon that looks like the image to the left to view larger sizes of the image.  While size still is limited in some larger sizes the image will be considerably larger than if it were viewed in the original pane, which helps greatly in seeing detail on various cars.  I will be attempting to edit various links to show the larger image but in the mean time this will help anyone interested to be able to view the larger image until the conversion is complete.

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