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Welcome to the Passenger Car Photo Index, the best resource on the web for finding North American railroad passenger car photos!!! 

Because of my own interests in passenger trains and their equipment I began compiling this Index one section at a time, initially covering only certain types of passenger equipment that I have found to be of interest with more being added as time went along.  Since its beginning in January 2003, this site has grown to a massive listing covering passenger train equipment from all over North America, providing railfans and modelers accurate documentation of what cars looked like and how many were painted and lettered.  And it is a labor of love (at times more labor than love, honestly) because all of the searching is done by me, as I have time and a way to do it.  And, something else to consider, the photos that have been found on the internet are some of the only documentation left for a large number of the cars covered here in... many are gone, never to be seen again.  To say the least, I am indebted to those who have been willing to share their images on the web, for if it weren't for them many of these cars would have simply disappear completely into history without a trace. 

As has been the case with every earlier Update broken links will occur.  Sometimes it is simply an error on my part that can be quickly fixed, unfortunately this is something that can never be avoided since so much changes for the many who do have websites.  A number of folks have helped to keep me straight on my errors as well as letting me know about broken links, far to many to name, but I do appreciate any help on this!!!  I cannot promise you that all links will remain working since I have no control over this.  I will say, though, that if a link isn't working I will see about it (and if possible, report it to the owner of the site) and if necessary, remove it from future updates.  To email me just CLICK HERE. 

This edition of the Passenger Car Photo Index contains more new links than any previous Update and the time it has taken to do all the work that has gone into it has proven to be greater than I ever expected.  It has been one year to the day since the last Update was posted and it has taken over 2,000 hours to make all of the additions, deletions and changes that are occurring with this Update.  On average at least six hours a day every day for the past year has been invested into making this Update of the Index the best yet and I truly do hope that many of the changes that I have made will prove to be of value to you, the visitor.  (It is one of the few things that is a positive aspect of my heart attack but thankfully it doesn't take that much energy to sit in my chair and type, now that I am unable to work like many of you.)  Spoiler alert... This is also the first edition to include Buses!!!  It is my hope that more can be done in this regard for the next Update. 

Would you be willing to become a part of the work on the Index?  I am searching for information on a variety of cars that are shown in the listings.  I am also looking for someone who would be willing to work with me on the website, especially so since health issues may soon be affecting my ability to maintain the site.  If you have information that could help to identify a car needing its "History???" please email me by using any of the email links spread through out this site. 

I would also be remiss if I did not mention my partners, both past and present, who have help me to provide this valuable website, without whom none of this would be possible... 

Host to a large number of really great websites, and that typically at little to no cost to webmasters, I can honestly say that it has been a priviledge to have had my Passenger Car Photo Index hosted by Trainweb.org.  If you are looking for a host for a railroad-related website and want to learn more about this valuable service click the logo to the left for information... and join in the fun!!!

Looking for a host for your domain and website?  I am pleased to have "GoDaddy" as the Index's new webhost.  In shopping around I found that for the money, "GoDaddy" offers more than any other server!!!  To get started just click the icon.

In these changing times there has been lot that has affected railfans' ability to document on film and in written records the continuing chronicles of today's railroads. Since the tragedy of the 9/11 the rights of individuals to take photographs in public places have come under attack, and this has become especially true of those who take pictures of trains. Attorney Bert P. Krages II has compiled information on what should and shouldn't be done when taking photographs in public... to visit his site just click the icon to the left.  Additionally the American Civil Liberties Union has some great information on their website that helps define the law even more.  To visit just Click Here.

Recommended Sites:

Looking to learn more about passenger cars?  The Passenger Car List at Yahoo! Groups is the best place to find information on all North American passenger equipment.  Founded by Tom Madden, whose website, The Pullman Project, contains extensive information and historical documentation on Pullman cars and their history, this list is the place to find information on all aspects of passenger train equipment. 

Another interesting group whose members are working to track down surviving passenger cars is the Rail Passenger Car list.  Within various files that have been posted are listings for a number of railcars that are still with us today and if you are interested in helping them in their quest I would hightly recommend joining!!! 

Interested in dome cars?  The Web Lurker's DOME.main site is the most inclusive site of any on the web involving the creation and use of these cars.  Because of the extensive collection of images on this site I have not made an effort to include the many shots as a part of these listings but it is a site that I highly recommend. 

Also I highly recommend to anyone who want to learn more about the cars and locomotives that Amtrak has used since its inception to visit Jim Hebner's Amtrak Photo Archives.  His site features an extensive collection of photographs covering of most Amtrak locomotives as well as a large collection of photos of various passenger cars, express cars, Roadrailers, and even a couple of "Amtrak" buses, making it the best place on the web to view Amtrak rolling stock.  Just click the Amtrak car below to go to his site...

Gone but not forgotten...  Colorado Railcar (and Rader Railcar before it) during its existance created some of the most interesting and unique passenger cars for both the tourist industry as well as for transit authorities.  Jody Moore's Ultradomes website covers the wide variety of cars created by the company. 

I would like to also take this time to mention four more sites that are very close to my heart...

For years my beautiful daughter Teshanna suffered variety strange behaviors such as not breathing, blank expressions and a dangerous lack of safety awareness.  At first we weren't sure what to think.  In school her teachers thought that these behaviors were a matter of "attention seeking," for which she was often scolded or punished.  In December, 2009, at the age of 32, she was diagnosed with Epilepsy and finally so many things that we could not understand became clear.  Most of us think of someone who has Epilepsy as having severe siezures but there are many ways that the disorder can show up as, including the few examples above.  Learn the signs so that you might be able help someone who needs it.  Click on the Kimi to left to visit the Epilepsy Foundation.

Attention Veterans.  If you served in any of the Armed Forces, and were honorably discharged the Department of Veterans Affairs may be able to help you.  You may be entitled to receive free or reduced coast medical treatment at one of the many VA Hospitals and may also qualify for other services offered by the VA.  To learn more click on the VA emblem at the left.  VA Hospitals, proudly serve those who proudly served our country. 

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