I do not offer any ad space on the webite for sale so emailing me about buying such simply will get you no where.  I do make available ad space for things that are offered for FREE, such as an ezine about modeling or a historical society (such as the Model Railroad Hobbyist or The Keystone Modeler ads) because of the value that these offerings provide, which may or may not include passenger car or passenger train subjects.  I also make this ad space available for prototype passenger train and passenger equipment related projects, such as the New England Steam Corp. and the Western Maryland 203 ads, in an effort to help such projects gain the support that is needed out of the hope of being able to accomplish their goals. 

Are you part of an effort to restore a piece of passenger train equipment or the restoration of a depot?  If you are please email me at jmlaboda[at]gmail.com and tell me about your project.  If approved it is likely that I will be willing to provide such space for fund raising.  One thing to make sure of is that an actual website, or webpage within an established website, is made avaiable where a description the project as well as information on how folks can donate to the project is discussed, since this will have to be maintained while the project is on going. 

I look forward to seeing how this might develop in the years to come, hopefully with some great examples of restoration projects being added to the banner ads and to the preservation efforts!!!